What Should I Pay Attention To When Painting Nail Polish?

- Jun 24, 2019-

Some girls just put nail polish on their hands when they get it, which is actually the wrong way to do it.
There are three steps to paint solid nail polish: base oil, color oil (that is, colored nail polish), and bright oil.
A base oil is an important step to protect and strengthen your nails. A good base oil will make your nails last longer.
Functional base oils are also available for special needs. For example, if your nails are soft, choose a base oil that strengthens and prevents breakage. If you're wearing a dark or very bright nail polish, choose a base oil that specifically prevents staining. If you just want to try on the colors, or if you need to temporarily remove your nails for school or work, choose an oilable bottom, etc.
Color oil is colorful nail polish. Now nail polish has a lot of different textures and can create a lot of different effects.
Almost all oils need to be applied at least two times to achieve saturation and uniformity, and some thin oils need to be applied three to five times to show the color.