What Is The Difference Between Nail Carving And Nail Painting?

- Sep 27, 2019-

Nail art carvings and nail art paints can "move" beautiful flower patterns onto nails. So what are the differences between the two nail techniques?
First, the materials are different. Nail carvings use special carvings powder, and nail paint use barbie glue.
Second, the shape is different. The flower that nail carve gives is stereo, and flower simple sense is very hard, which can maintain on fingernail longer time, but encounter hard thing to also bump easily. And nail painting is to use color barbie glue on the nail "hand-painted", so the effect is flat and barbie glue adhesion is better, compared to nail carving is not easy to crash.
Again, water solubility is different. Nail carvings in the dry is absolutely not able to touch water, because the carvings powder has a certain degree of water solubility, easy to touch water deformation. The paint used in nail art is mostly acrylic, which is generally insoluble in water.