Use Drill Bit Safety Procedures

- Jan 03, 2019- the operation, please wear good clothes, safety glasses, helmets, etc., please do not wear loose clothes and yarn gloves, so as not to avoid danger. order to prevent iron chips will scratch the hand, when drilling, please use iron hook to remove iron chips.

3.before use, please check whether the drill bit has bruises, if there are bruises please do not use.

4.if the drill bit is jammed, please turn off the motor immediately.

5.when replacing and removing the drill bit, you should ensure that the device power supply is in a disconnected state. the drill bit rotation, please do not touch with the hand, so as not to avoid danger. 

7.Bit edge is very hard, but also very brittle, please be careful to protect, if the drill blade will affect the drilling effect, can also cause the drill bit to break.