Under The Internet + Era, Is Manicure Industry Important In Technology Or Mode?

- Jun 16, 2020-

In the development of the Internet era, some people in the manicure industry are happy and some are worried. However, the attitude of embracing the Internet is necessary. Many things should be integrated into manicure.

First, the Internet must be used to do fine management. Organize the customer's information, and make detailed files of the items that the customer comes to the nail salon every time, the amount of consumption, the changes of the skin after using the nail products and the degree of satisfaction. Secondly, in terms of marketing, we should change the publicity methods of traditional nail salons and try WeChat, Weibo and other popular social networking methods to communicate with customers. In addition, the store can also use the review website to shape the brand reputation and achieve the ultimate service.

Nail salon should be a physical store of service type. With the help of retail function, it can touch the Internet through topical and disseminated products to realize the Internet + of the store. In-store services, online products, products towards the in-store drainage, while in-store flow towards the online reflux, online and offline drainage reflux interaction.