The Professional Buyer-- I Would Like To Recommend The Beauty Fair To Peers Anyway

- Sep 23, 2019-

According to the beauty industry insight report 2018, the post-1990 and post-2000 generations have become the new generation of consumers. At this beauty fair, according to the survey data, the post-1990 generation has also become the representative of the new generation of buyers.

Compared with buyers in March, the number of buyers born in the 1990s at the scene increased slightly. Young people are willing to spend more time and money on beauty and makeup, and companies need to attract young consumers to continuously rejuvenate themselves. Young buyers are also more likely to understand the tastes and needs of young people, who are a ray of hope for a thriving beauty industry.

More than 90% of buyers are willing to recommend beauty fair to peers! The top three recommended reasons are: 1. The exhibits are rich and attractive; 2. The atmosphere of the exhibition site is good and active; 3. Rich and professional activities.