The Beijing International Beauty Expo Is About To Open!

- Aug 25, 2020-

With the reopening of the National Beauty industry exhibition at Shanghai Great Hongqiao Beauty Expo in July, the beauty industry has gradually recovered and the voice of the resumption of the exhibition is rising. With the confirmation of the notification letter, the exhibition has been gradually getting better and better. In the exhibition, all parties of the beauty industry urgently seek to break the situation and solve the problem. As the "lifeline" exhibition of the beauty industry in the northern region, the status, responsibility and importance of the Beijing International Beauty Expo can be imagined.

Through efforts in many ways, the 24th session of Beijing international art exposition to determine, on October 19 to 21, held in Beijing national convention center, the 21st China international slimming beauty exhibition will be held, in the second half of this year is particularly special Beijing international art exposition, undoubtedly is a symbol of China's beauty industry, to promote the development of beauty industry, economy consumption has important significance.