More Attention Has Been Paid To Skincare Products In China

- May 17, 2020-

The covid-19 outbreak has increased the sales of skincare products in China's cosmetics market, and online sales are increasing sharply.
According to the analysis of the sales trend report of covid-19 spread by bain company together with China's alibaba and Tmall, the sales volume of cosmetics during the period from January 1 to 13 in the Chinese lunar calendar in 2020 decreased by 30%, especially the high-end cosmetics products decreased by 40%.
That is to say, more budgets have been invested in daily necessities, hygiene supplies and fresh food, and there is a tendency to postpone the purchase of cosmetics products.
With less going out, the trend of home care products being more popular than cosmetics. The report said it missed the Spring Festival and valentine's day, the biggest cosmetic sales season in the local beauty industry in the first half of the year.