Latest Developments And Trends In The Global Beauty Market

- May 21, 2020-

The latest developments and trends in the global beauty market were reviewed in L 'oreal Group's recently released annual report for fiscal year 2019.
1.Each geographical region accounts for a proportion of the global beauty market
Asia Pacific: 41%
North America: 24%
Western Europe: 18%
Latin America: 8%
Eastern Europe: 6%
Africa and the Middle East: 3%

2.Market share of each business segment
Skin care: 40%
Hair care: 21%
Beauty makeup: 18%
Perfume: 11%
Hygiene products: 10%

3.Four major drivers of the global beauty market
By product category, it is mainly driven by skin care products
By business division, driven by luxury and medical skincare
Regionally, it is driven mainly by Asia
In terms of distribution channels, it is mainly driven by travel retail and e-commerce

4.Skin care products fall into four major categories: facial skin care, facial cleansing, body care and sunscreen.
Skincare products account for 40 percent of the overall beauty market, contributing nearly 60 percent to the growth of the global beauty market.