Instructions For Operation Of Rotating File

- Jan 03, 2019-

Cemented carbide rotary file is the main power tool or pneumatic tools drive (can also be installed on the machine), the speed is generally 6000-40000 rpm, the use of tool clamping, clamping, cutting direction should be evenly moved from right to left, can not be cut reciprocating, at the same time do not force too hard, work to prevent cutting scattered, please use protective glasses. Due to the operation of the rotary file embedded in the grinding machine, and manual control, so the file pressure and feed speed depends on the working conditions and the operator's experience and skills. Although a skilled operator can keep the pressure and feed speed within a reasonable range, here's a note: first, avoid adding too much pressure when the grinder's speed becomes smaller, which can make the file overheated and prone to dullness, and second, maximize the tool's contact with the workpiece,Because this more cutting edge can penetrate the workpiece, the processing effect can become better, finally, to avoid the file handle part contact with the workpiece, because this will make the file overheating, and can damage or even destroy the copper welding head. In time to replace or re-sharp has become dull file head, in order to prevent its total destruction.

The blunt file head is slow to cut, so that the pressure of the grinder has to be increased to increase the speed, which is bound to cause damage to the file and grinder, which consumes far more than the cost of replacing or sharpening the blunt file head. The operation can be combined with the use of lubricants, liquid wax lubricant and synthetic lubricant is more effective, the lubricant can be regularly dripped to the file head on a regular basis.