Here Comes The Cosmetic Regulatory Science!

- Aug 22, 2019-

The term "regulatory science" was first coined by Dr. Alan Moghissi in an undated internal memo shortly after the creation of the environmental protection agency (EPA) in December 1970 to describe the science used by the agency to write regulations.

Cosmetics regulatory science conference is the first domestic cosmetics regulatory science as the theme to BBS, expectation through introducing regulatory science and spread scientific examination, new technology and standard establishment and application of new technology and new products, cosmetics in the typical and its management and service, etc, with the industry to share and discuss, cosmetics regulatory science development together!

Conference name:  2019 scientific conference on cosmetics regulation
Time:  13:00-16:30, September 6, 2019
Venue:   Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair
Conference room 8
Organizer: CIBE China International Beauty Fair
Guangdong Cosmetics Association