Four Keys To The Nail Industry's Future

- Jun 15, 2020-

The nail industry in China is in a period of rapid development, known as the gold industry of the 21st century, the prospect is very promising. Nail salons are in a phase of low-end to high-end development, and this phase is gradually accelerating. To sum up, there are four key words for the future development of nail industry.

Key word 1: Classification. Since manicure is an art form, there's a general category: regular manicure, patch, crystal, gel, pen, hook, spray, hand and foot care.

Key word 2: detail. Now manicure is no longer just painted, carved, etc., it represents a healthy life, including hand and foot care content, after all, a pair of healthy, delicate hands and feet can more foil beautiful nails, strengthen the outstanding details.

Key word 3: tide. Although manicure is the adornment of local detail, also should cooperate integral dress likewise, dress and modelling to achieve integral harmony.

Key words 4: market. Nail salon will be the dominant development direction in the future.