Different Type Of Cut Of Tungsten Carbide Rotary File

- Jun 20, 2019-

Standard Cut: STANDARD CUT is a general purpose tool designed for cast iron, copper, brass and other ferrous materials. It will give good material removal and good work piece finishes.   Standard Cut
Fine Cut: FINE CUT improves finishes on hardened steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Operator control is improved.  Fine Cut
Coarse Cut: COARSE CUT is recommended for use on soft material such as copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, and rubber, where chip loading is a problem.   Coarse Cut
Chip Breaker: CHIP BREAKER CUT will reduce sliver size and improve operator control at a slightly reduced surface finish.   Chip Breaker
Standard Double-Cut: STANDARD DOUBLE-CUT allows for rapid stock removal and better operator control. Chip size is reduced and tool speed can be slower than normal speeds.   Standard Double-Cut
Coarse Double-Cut: COARSE DOUBLE-CUT is for fast stock removal in soft materials. Allows good operator control and produces small chips.   Coarse Double-Cut
Fine Double-Cut: FINE DOUBLE-CUT is very effective on heat treated and tough alloy steels. Chip size is reduced and it offers good operator control.   Fine Double-Cut
Aluminum Cut: ALUMINUM CUT is for use on non-ferrous and non-metallic materials. It is designed for rapid stock removal with minimum chip loading.   Aluminum Cut
Diamond Cut: DIAMOND CUT is very effective on heat treated and tough alloy steels. It produces very small chips and good operator control. Surface finish and tool life is reduced.   Diamond Cut