Different Manicure Style, Different Feeling

- Sep 30, 2019-

It's almost autumn and it's time to get ready to update your manicure! People's skin color and hand shape are different, so we need to pay attention to these when choosing the color and pattern of manicure. Today I prepared several manicures and share them with you!
1.French manicure. Contracted and easy French manicure is a standard match for tender girls. French manicure has always represented elegance, simplicity and fashion and it is very suitable for office workers and school party.
2.European and American manicure. The shape of this manicure is very much, ellipse or trapezoid or square. There is always one shape suitable for you. The design that grind arenaceous can have simple sense more than bright face, more advanced.
3.Cartoon hand painted nail.
4.Leopard print solid color manicure.