CIBE Shanghai Great Hongqiao Beauty Expo: Focus On New Beauty Industry

- May 09, 2019-

The three-day CIBE Shanghai great hongqiao beauty expo officially opened on 6th May. This beauty expo can be said the epitome of the vigorous development of the beauty industry, highlighting the business opportunities and vitality of the beauty industry everywhere!
CIBE Shanghai Great Hongqiao Beauty Expo

This Shanghai great hongqiao beauty expo has three key words worthy of attention: professional, new and quasi.
Professional:  The professionalism of exhibitors can reduce the customer churn rate and create a relatively stable enterprise ecological environment, so that exhibitors can make steady progress in the industry.
New: As the beauty industry keeping up with the trend, it should not only seek the innovation of products and services, but also stand at the forefront of ideas. New retail is in the hot spot of industry marketing. On the one hand, the change of new mode makes exhibitors pursue more efficient operation mode and consumers favor the rapid shopping experience.
Quasi: The products of exhibitors are targeted and personalized.Only when enterprises have a clear understanding of the real needs of users can personalized services or products firmly position their brands on users.