CIBE's First Cloud Forum Is Officially Announced!

- May 14, 2020-

In recent years, China's domestic cosmetics brands have shown a strong upward momentum. Even though the middle and high-end market is still firmly occupied by the international big brands, but across the market, domestic brands have made steady progress, especially in the body care, men's grooming, beauty devices, tools and small packaging and other segments of the circuit response quickly, more advantages.
Under the bustling scene of the beauty circle, it is clear that there are many changes in the consumption structure, consumption scene and market pattern of the industry. Especially in the post-epidemic era, when the consumption enthusiasm goes out, more and more enterprises are faced with the problem of lasting brand management, which also poses new challenges to the growth of beauty makeup enterprises.
Based on this, CIBE China international beauty expo will launch the cloud forum -- "2020 second beauty brand innovation live broadcast conference" on May 15. This conference with "new flow, new marketing, new growth" as the theme, to activate the stock, looking for incremental. Focus on the hot topics such as "sinking market dividend, web celebrity live streaming, private domain flow, house economy, deep user operation, digital precision marketing, phenomenon-level explosive product creation, traditional brand energy endow, new brand growth".