Challenges And Opportunities Of International Beauty Cosmetics In The Second Half Of 2020

- Jun 04, 2020-

In such a special period, due to the influence of various countries' transportation, raw material supply, trade channels, etc., the international beauty makeup market also gradually took place some changes.
"Challenges" of Foreign Beauty Cosmetics Market
Challenge 1——The shortage of raw materials caused a crisis in production.
Challenge 2——Brick-and-mortar stores are down.
"Opportunities" in foreign Beauty Cosmetics Market
Opportunity 1——Multi-line product development as a supplement
Opportunities for 2——Brand online live streaming realizes overtaking
In the final analysis, different enterprises have different perspectives and strategies to face the same challenges. With the overall upward trend of beauty makeup market in recent years, brands need to have more confidence, better toughness and more flexible countermeasures.