Casio Officially Entered The Nail Industry And Jointly Launched Nail Printer With Kose

- May 20, 2020-

On April 2, Casio, a famous Japanese watch-maker, and Kose, a Japanese beauty group, officially entered the Nail Printer industry by releasing a prototype Nail Printer.
Casio pointed out that Nail Printer machine is equipped with the technologies originally used for cameras and printers, such as image recognition and printing control, which can recognize the shape, bending degree and contour correction of nails, etc., while Kose is responsible for the research and development, production and security of the corresponding Nail polish.
The specific method of Nail Printer is as follows: the user shall first paint the Nail HOLIC bottom layer (drying time 5 minutes), and then apply the pre-printing layer (drying time 3 minutes). After selecting the pattern and the corresponding finger, the user shall put his/her hand into the machine. After printing, the user shall apply two transparent protective layers. The printing time of a single nail pattern is 15 seconds.
Minyuki iguchi, chief executive of Western Europe, said the group's ultimate goal was to "commercialization nail machines". In the future, Casio may even be able to get manicures, "and a lot of people are saying they want a machine to do them."