AI Smart Manicure Has Huge Commercial Potential

- Jun 13, 2020-

With the improvement of material life, people's pursuit of "beauty" is gradually upgraded. With the rapid development of beauty industry, manicure, as the rigid demand of most women, also has a rapid growth of market size. However, every industry will inevitably encounter bottlenecks when it comes to a certain period of development, and manicure industry has gradually exposed many problems, such as:
· Rising labor and store rental costs;
· Time-consuming painting and generally low service efficiency;
· Low threshold for nail salon entrepreneurship makes it difficult to recruit and train manicurists and keep them;
· Customers need to wait for a long time and cannot meet personalized DIY needs, etc.

The trend of global intelligence brings a breakthrough for the industry. Recently, an AI smart manicure machine has appeared on the market, which supports accurate printing of any pattern on nails in 40 seconds. It has become popular at home and abroad and developed rapidly. Its emergence solves the pain points of manicure service industry from the aspects of service efficiency, market demand and business model, and opens a new business situation subverting the industry.