30 Minutes Of Lunch-style Beauty——Photon Tender Skin

- Jun 28, 2019-

Photon tender skin is also known as intense pulsed light IPL, which is a kind of skin beautification effect achieved by generating selective photothermal effect in the deep layer of the skin by irradiating the skin with broadband visible light. Different bands of photon tender skin, the effect is not the same, including freckle, acne, red blood silk, hair removal, contraction of pores, improve capillary telangiectasia.
In photon tender skin, our face coated with gel, we should cover the eyes and use the instrument in the skin release of intense pulsed light treatment, only a few nails play skin stimulation. After applying the mask, we do not need to recovery. We can normally makeup. The effect is visible after a week, but the photon tender skin experience is a complete course of 3 ~ 5 times.