2020 Beauty Technology Topic Artificial Intelligence——personalization

- May 18, 2020-

Recently, Yoon Daegyun, professor of software at the university of Asia, pointed out that the biggest feature of the beauty care industry in CES 2020 is the innovative product and technology team, and the so-called big brand cosmetics companies have launched an all-out attack.
"In the beauty care industry, where skin care, makeup, and hair care are important, personalization is not a choice but a necessity," Yin said. "as you can see, most of the skincare and makeup solutions introduced at CES this year have business value not just from the average consumer, but from the B2B space as well."
He added: "the combination of the beauty industry and IT technology makes IT possible for beauty technology to differentiate into smaller segments, and the success or failure of beauty care products in the market will depend on a more convenient and cheaper personal approach."