What should girls pay attention to when doing nail art in summer?

- Apr 27, 2019-

1.Don't do nail art too often. If too often in the summer, it will lead to nail damage and immune decline, which will be prone to nail lesions.
2. Pay extra attention to hygiene. In summer, the weather is hot and humid. Girls need go to the manicure shop with good sanitation condition, lest improper manicure may catch grimy fingernail.
3. Nail procedures need not complex. Hands tend to sweat in the summer, and the simpler the better.
4. Pay attention to the use of base oil. Especially in the summer, you should use a base oil to protect your nails.
5.Some female friends suffer from leuconychia, therefore they will use nail polish to besmear abovein order to conceal ugly nail. It not only cannot make fingernail get better but can make illness aggravate.