What's the difference between Japanese manicure and traditional manicure?

- Oct 23, 2019-

Japanese nail art is not a Japanese can, let alone a Japanese style.

It represents a form and idea, and can also be understood as a standardized and normalized system. What Japanese manicures want to convey is more health and safety, and they will pay more attention to the pre-processing and the service and details in the manicure process.

1. Tore environment. Japanese manicures value service and customer experience, so environmental hygiene and product tools are especially important. Also is the tool table aspect, how to take more smoothly, which tools are more commonly used, these have been studied by specialized personnel, manicurists will immediately put back after use. Most of the traditional manicure is exactly the lack of such standards and norms.

2. ervice process. In Japanese manicures specification, in addition to store environment health, staff grooming is also the most easily neglected part, some high-end Japanese nail salon shop, even for their daily training services, such as voice tone, service to the guest's eyes and smile, and so on, these are all Japanese nail place from the traditional nail.

3. Professional and technical aspects. Why do we often say Japanese manicure "cost money cost time", because to accomplish service acme technical acme, they must be very careful and attentive! By contrast, traditional manicures tend to focus only on the design of severe not severe, not good-looking, and ignore a lot of details.