What are the dangers of wearing nail polish too often?

- Jul 10, 2020-

1. There are many kinds of pigments in nail polish. Many artificial pigments are toxic and some contain heavy metal elements, which may be harmful to human body.
2. common nail polish solvent components are basically toxic or harmful substances, the most severe, should be phthalate, benzene, formaldehyde, followed by acetone, ethyl acetate.
3. the traditional nail polish in a substance called phthalate fat on the health of the fetus, this phthalate fat if long-term absorption by the human body, not only very harmful to human health, the most likely to cause abortion or birth of deformed children.
4. In order to dry the nail polish quickly, a large amount of acetone and ethyl acetate were added into the nail polish. These two components are hazardous chemicals, flammable and explosive, and dazzle and dizzy when volatilized.
5. Some ingredients in nail polish may cause allergic reactions in some people. If the nail polish is not completely dry enough to touch the skin, it may cause allergic contact dermatitis.