Umbrella nail drill bit is safe and comfortable

- Aug 02, 2019-

The automation industry of umbrella nail drill bit is constantly developing vigorously, which not only brings us the era of artificial intelligence, but also drives the increasingly innovative and efficient era of nail art era. The emergence of umbrella type nail polishing head has greatly improved. The growth rate of the nail industry.


Skilled and mastered umbrella type nail polishing head is also the skill that every nail man must get!


1. The safety of the umbrella type nail polishing head is high.


Compared to the unloading method such as makeup remover or makeup remover, the nail polisher only needs to use a sander to polish it gently on the fingertips. It is not necessary to use these chemical-containing unloading products before operation, so don't worry about the nails. It is very safe to hurt.


2, umbrella type nail polishing head is efficient and comfortable


Umbrella nail polishing head is a mechanization. It may take 30 minutes to remove the nail. It can be completed quickly in a few minutes. Whether it is ordinary nail polish or extended phototherapy glue, it can be quickly and completely removed by using only the grinding machine. The whole process will also make the guests feel very comfortable.