Types of Manicures

- Jun 09, 2019-

Manicure is to decorate and beautify the nails. At the same time, manicure is a beautification of the shape of hands or skin according to different needs of each person. During the process, we disinfect, clean and care our nails.
Phototherapy nail---It involves applying a resin glue to the nail, drying it with a nail light, polishing it and then polishing it smooth.
The polish glue---Nail polish is similar to regular nail polish, but it's durable. In addition, the design of nail patterns is more convenient and diversified. Nail polish manicures are popular because of the variety of patterns. And this nail polish dries out very quickly.
Crystal nail---Crystal armour can give a person with slender visual sense, and the color is glittering and translucent. At the same time crystal nail passes illuminate the lamp, manicure effect can be bright. The pattern will also be clearer than other manicures.
Applique nail---Sticker can be changed into a variety of shapes, its use method is very simple. After the ordinary nail coating, put sticker directly on the nail and then brush a layer of seal.
Carved manicure---Carved manicure has a strong three-dimensional, strong visual beauty. Manicure procedures are more cumbersome, not suitable for ordinary daily life. But it has a strong visual beauty and is deeply loved by people.
Coloured drawing or pattern manicure---coloured drawing or pattern is to draw kinds of pictures on your nails according to individual preference. After painting, add another layer of seal. Apply the seal to the last step of each nail. This kind of painted manicure is more varied and easy to master.