Type of bride's manicure

- Jul 13, 2020-

Rhinestone nails: do fundamental key with the nail polish that has milky white color, each finger is set the rhinestone that has irregular, the beauty that expresses bride showily and pure immaculate. The rhinestone inlays in the half French manicure, gives the beauty of a kind of detail vaguely, has the effect that makes the finishing point, foils the bride quietly elegant temperament.
Carvings: the outer carvings of the middle finger played the role of adding flowers to the armor on the whole finger, allowing the bride to enjoy the lovely subtlety. Red is the popular color of this year, also suit the festival atmosphere of nuptial, the design of carve patterns or flowers inside, protruding shows the atmosphere of bride, mature beauty.
Coloured drawing or pattern nails: coloured drawing or pattern falls in the foil of bright line and drill, flow out a kind of mature fair maiden temperament, downy pink can match a lot of money bridal outfit.
French nails: the most common and classic French a, natural and generous, the bride's simple temperament expression is very in place. Slightly some embellish French armour, have magical colour more, the sexy glamour that highlights a woman.