The use of ceramic nail drill bits and the main shape of nails

- Jul 01, 2019-

The ceramic nail drill bit is used to remove ordinary nail polish and phototherapy nails as well as sanding sealant. Fine-grained: used to polish the face and finish fine grinding. Grinding in the fire arrow: used to trim and remove the dead skin around the nails, polish the edges and inside of the nails, unload the drill, remove the residual glue. Fire arrow fine-grained: used to trim the dead skin around the nails, repair and polish the skin stains. Grinding in the ball head M: used to remove the old dead skin around the nail. Grinding rod: used to grind the nail surface to make the nail surface smoother. Selling point: antibacterial, easy to clean, acid and alkali corrosion resistant, high temperature sterilization to enhance customer perception quality, smoother and more beautiful, effective to extend the life of the grinding machine. Special reminder: be careful when using the grinding tool to polish the nails.


How to use the ceramic nail polishing head: The shape of the nail that has been cut and cut is selected from the shape of the sanding head in the order of the front and the front of the front side, and is ground to the desired shape.


Usually nails have six shapes: A, square B, square circle C, oval D, pointed E, round F, flared. The manicurist can advise the customer to choose the shape that suits them according to the customer's hand shape.