The advantages and performance of the umbrella flat top nail drill bits

- Aug 05, 2019-

The umbrella flat top nail drill bit has high performance. When it is operated, its different grinding machine can replace the dead skin scissors and purlins to carry out pre-treatment and nursing. This will not only greatly improve the manicurist. The efficiency of the nail salon can increase the passenger flow, and can also increase the professional service items in the store, so that the performance of the salon is doubled.


Advantages of flat-headed umbrella type nail polishing head


1: This machine is generous in appearance, good in color, stylish, and comfortable to handle.


2: The product power is about 24W. The speed is 0-30 thousand rpm, infinitely variable speed. With waist buckle.


3. The battery can be discharged continuously for 6-8 hours, and the charging takes about 1.5 hours.


We must wash our hands before the nails, first use warm water to soak hands and clean the dirt on the nails, and do the nail care. Then we should choose the nail clipper according to the shape of our nails to trim the perfect and beautiful. Nail shape.


The second step of nail art - polished with a flat umbrella type nail polishing head


After one step, we will use a flat-headed umbrella to polish the head and gently polish the edges of the nails. Don't be anxious when polishing. After the polishing, we have to polish, because our nail surface is not so flat, we simply polished and polished.


The third step of nail art - nutrition softening


Because the skin on the edges of our nails is often very dry and also peels and thorns, we use a skin softener to soften the nails. In front of doing so many actions on the nails, the bottom of the nail should be coated with a layer of surface nutrients to protect the nails.


The fourth step of nail art - base coloring


Apply a base oil to the nails so that the nails are not so yellow after washing the nail polish, and they can also protect the nails. If you are coloring, choose the color you like to apply to the nails. The tricks of coloring should be tried by yourself, and then you can summarize it yourself.


The fifth step - use Dongguan nail roaster


Paint your own favorite color, outline the pattern, you can put the beautiful hand into the East Japan nail phototherapy machine for baking, so that the nail polish quickly dry, beautiful and beautiful to go out to date.