Small barrel ball nail drill bits with good speed and durability

- Jul 24, 2019-

The small barrel ball nail drill bit is used together with the hanging mill, table mill and electric grinder during work. It is used to make crystal nails and polish personal care products with nails and edges on the surface. Designed with engineering principles, it is stylish and feels good. Small cylindrical ball nail polishing head high quality motor running without noise. The five grinding bits can be used interchangeably, and can be rotated forward and backward to adjust the speed. It has the functions of grinding, polishing, unloading, peeling, engraving and so on. Easy to use, safe and not hurting your hand.


The small cylindrical ball nail polishing head has been tested and can be used to polish the surface of the resin casing. The previous version is too efficient, resulting in too much residual trace if used to polish the resin casing. The bright paint cannot cover the trace. I have been asked, to use the enamel on the surface of the shell. In fact, this is not limited. As long as it can be polished into a matte state, the traces of the polishing are not serious. The head of the balanced version has been changed, and the customization is slightly smaller. The intention is to Under the ear print earhook (ear armor) can be a little deeper, the previous is a bit thick, whether it is polished ear prints or resin shell, it is slightly bloated, hope that the balanced version of the sanding head can more effectively deal with the ear hook position Polishing treatment.


Small cylindrical ball nail polishing head more test results will be updated here. Improved version of the yellow sanding head, this is a delicate version, and the polished lines are more delicate. Grinding the ear prints and polishing the back cover, a unified get. <This ceramic grinding head is very wear-resistant. Maybe you can't finish the grinding head for a year.> Note: The handle of this grinding head is 2.35. Please confirm if your grinding machine can hold it. Hong Kong, although I am selling this product, I am also grinding the head with this ceramic, but I also think this grinding head is a bit expensive. After all, an ordinary grinding head is only about a dollar, and the price is exactly two or thirty times different, but it is justified. A penny and a share of goods will always be the reason. If you want to ask me where the difference between the polished head and the ordinary is, my personal experience is the same as the difference between a 3.0-displacement car and a 1.0-displacement. We polished the ear prints and polished the outline of the back cover, this efficiency is really who uses who knows the series. This polished resin back cover and polished ear prints do not produce very much heat like ordinary sanding heads.