Small ball nail drill bits size requirements and sharp use

- Jul 26, 2019-

Small ball nail drill bits head to the dead skin, and then in the configuration of a non-hot ceramic head grinding head, so that when used, its efficiency is awesome, a machine in hand, nails I have, save time and effort to save money It is also convenient, super hot small ball nail polishing head. Quietly tell you a little secret, you can also polish the armor!


The small round ball nail polishing head is made of high-grade, multi-angled diamond plated, sharp and long life. The grinding head of the small ball nail polishing head has two kinds of stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel, which are suitable for professional and DIY different market and customer requirements. The variety of small round ball nail polishing heads is complete. Fine packaging is also available for guests.


Small round ball nail grinding head size requirements


1. Head, 4.5x10mm, or order on request.


2. Handle: 2.35x25.4mm, or order on request.


3. Handle material: stainless steel (small tolerance) or plain carbon steel.