Skillful operation and requirements of large barrel nail drill bits

- Jul 10, 2019-

The large barrel nail drill bit is actually not so difficult to operate after the start. In general, the novice can use the nail piece when practicing the large cylindrical nail polishing head. You can also use your own nail to apply a layer of phototherapy glue to avoid touching. In this case, the novice will use the grinding head that comes with the machine in the early stage.


Large cylindrical nail polishing head can completely practice the functions of unloading and peeling. The novice mainly exercises the grip position. The hand must hold the grinder. The angle of the grinding head must float on the nail surface. Do not press it on the nail. The surface is not too strong to grasp the nail, the grinding machine has the strength adjustment, do not open too much at the beginning, gradually increase the speed.


When the large cylindrical nail polishing head is practiced, it can be replaced with a ceramic grinding head. The choice of the ceramic grinding head is selected according to the style of the day. The larger advantage of the ceramic head is that the phototherapy armor and the crystal arm are quickly removed. Color glue is not a problem at all, it can be done in minutes. In addition, there is a big advantage. It can polish the dead skin. I remember that when I bought it, I didn’t have a big round head. I just started, because I cut the skin. It is a big problem. The ancestors who cut the ancestors cut 12 mouths are really good, but I still use them not too. The stupid people have stupid tricks. I searched for dead skins and found that this big round head is really easy to use. When I finished, I used the rocket head to hit the dead skin around me, and then walked it with a big round head and cleaned it. Now the dead skin scissors are not used!