Proper operation mode of carbide rotary file

- Apr 14, 2019-

The use of carbide rotary file reduces people's labor and speeds up production efficiency. So how to use carbide rotary file?

1. Before operation, please read the rotation speed manual of imported carbide rotary file to select the appropriate speed range.
2. choose the right shape, diameter and tooth shape for different processing.
3. choose the appropriate electric grinding, and need stable performance.
4. before using idling to ensure the rotary file concentricity is good, eccentric and vibration will cause premature wear and workpiece damage.
5. The length of the shank clamped in the chuck shall be at most 10mm. (except lengthened handle, with different rotation speed)
6. check the workpiece and electric grinding fixture is correct and tight before use.
7. do not use too much pressure, too much pressure will reduce the tool life and efficiency.
8. Wear appropriate protective glasses when using.