Precautions and principle design of carbide nail drill bits

- Jul 03, 2019-

The specifications of the carbide nail drill bits are 6.5 large cylinders with a head diameter, 6.0 cylinders, 5.0 small cylinders, discs, spheres, large umbrellas, small umbrellas, small flat umbrellas, large flat umbrellas, ovals, round bars, and inverted ladders. This sanding tool can be used in conjunction with a sander to create a crystal armor that polishes the surface of the nail and the edge of the personal care product. Designed with engineering principles, it is stylish and feels good. The high quality motor runs without noise. The five grinding bits can be used interchangeably, and can be rotated forward and backward to adjust the speed. It has the functions of grinding, polishing, unloading, peeling, engraving and so on. Easy to use, safe and not hurting your hand.


Alloy nail polishing head precautions


When using the grinding head to grind the shape of the nail, the alloy nail polishing head must pay attention to the fine grinding on both sides of the nail, and the shape of the front end must be rounded.


The alloy nail polishing head is used for unloading gel on nails, which is convenient and fast, saves working time and improves work efficiency. In the grinding of the mold, the grinding of the inner hole, the fine workmanship is reliable, suitable for electric grinder, engraving machine, The electromechanical assembly is mainly used to engrave glass, jade, repairing abrasive tools and hard objects.