Multi-purpose and engineering principle design of small cone nail drill bits

- Jul 29, 2019-

The small cone nail drill bit is made of ceramic material to a certain extent. The diameter of the tungsten steel shank is 2.35mm. The uniform shaping of the nail will be more stable. The performance is also stronger when used. The small-cone nail polishing is performed. The rotation is smooth and does not shake when the operation is performed, and the diameter of the grinding head is 2.35 mm, which is suitable for most of the polishing pens, and the rotation is smooth during the process of grinding the nails, without shaking and not hurting the hands.


The small-cone nail polishing head has a variety of uses, which solves a variety of problems to a certain extent, can effectively nail the surface layer, trim the crystal nail phototherapy armor, easily remove the thicker sealing layer, and cover with special substances to prevent residue residue. .


Small pointed nail polishing head specifications have a head diameter of 6.5 large cylinders, 6.0 cylinders, 5.0 small cylinders, discs, spheres, umbrellas, umbrellas, small flat umbrellas, large flat umbrellas, ovals, round bars, inverted ladders. This sanding tool can be used in conjunction with a sander to create a crystal armor that polishes the surface of the nail and the edge of the personal care product.


The small-cone nail polishing head is designed with engineering principles. The whole product is stylish and feels good, and the high-quality motor runs without noise. The five grinding bits can be used interchangeably, and can be rotated forward and backward to adjust the speed. It has the functions of grinding, polishing, unloading, peeling, engraving and so on. Easy to use, safe and not hurting your hand.