Is The Manicure Grinder Really Scary?

- Nov 26, 2019-

The polishing machine only needs to polish the nail surface gently. There is no need to use the nail remover with chemical components before operation. It can reduce the number of times of removing nail oil glue and cutting and grinding, so as to reduce the damage to nails. Some customers may be allergic to nail remover, in which case a sander is better.

Nail drill machine is very efficient and time-saving, which can eliminate the carving and grinding, wrapping tin foil and other complex processes to achieve efficient and healthy manicure and hand care. Nail drill machine is the manual into mechanization, before it may take 30 minutes to remove, now a few minutes can be quickly completed, even phototherapy glue can be quickly removed.

Manicure polishing machine is more environmental, functional, a multi-purpose machine, but also to increase the grade of the store. Don’t forget clean dust after use, timely unplug the power, avoid high temperature exposure and soaking water!