How to remove nail decoration correctly?

- Nov 28, 2019-

1.Choose the right tool. You should use special drill cutters for trimming ornaments. The drill cutter has a long handle and a sharp mouth. It only takes one click to separate the glue connecting the nail and the ornament.

2.Cut from the corner of the ornament. Aiming at a weak corner not only makes the operation more efficient, but also prevents slippage of the scissors to some extent.

3. Grasp the strength and pay attention to customers’ feelings. When using these tools, you must be careful to control the strength, not the pursuit of speed rude cut off ornaments. This eager for quick success and instant benefit of the practice, is likely to exert too much force.

4. Step by step to disintegrate jewelry. Manicurists must use their fingers to help customers fix nail beds to avoid loosening or causing pain to customers and protect their nails.

5. Patiently and carefully polish the glue joint.

6. Polish until you see the glue color.

7.Remove nails after cleaning dust