How to choose nail polish?

- Dec 27, 2019-

There are several types of nail polish on the market, such as micro-gloss nail polish, water-based removable nail polish, and conventional nail polish polish, which is generally more common.


I would recommend a micro - gloss nail polish. Because of its long-lasting and quick-drying properties, it does not require lighting, and it is removed in the same way as traditional nail polish.


Water - borne can tear nail polish, no ester, ketone solvent, components are relatively safe, so no corrosive to the nail. The downside is that it's not as stable as oily nail polish, and it tends to pop up when exposed to warm water.


As for the traditional nail polish, as long as it is safe non-toxic formal brand are OK. It is better to choose the texture of the water, thinner kind. Because it's more malleable, it's faster.