How To Choose Nail Drill Bits?

- Jun 01, 2020-

1. Handle of the nail drill bit——Check whether the bottom end of the grinding head handle is rounded and the bottom is smooth.
2. Concentricity and beat detection of nail drill bits——Place the head on a flat surface and roll it gently to see if the handle jumps up and down.
3. Rotation direction of grinding head——Hold the handle of the nail drill bit in your right hand and gently rotate it. Use your thumb and forefinger to feel the gear part of the grinding head in your left hand.
4.The difference in the shape of nail bit teeth——Take a straight cylinder flat bit thicker gear (C teeth), look at the top (from the top down), to see if the nail bit of the gear spacing is consistent, gear shape is a convex equilateral triangle.
5.How to choose the right nail drill machine——The nail drill bits used in the industry can be clearly seen from the side of the gear is a diamond structure, while the nail drill bit used for the real manicure can be clearly seen a three-dimensional gear bump, groove is also clearly visible.