How do you care your hands in in the autumn and winter?

- Nov 10, 2019-

  It’s getting cold. Hands begin dry and fingernail periphery still has barb, how should we do? Especially for fall and winter manicures, hands wrinkled and cracked. So how should we care our hands?

The tools required: towel, plastic wrap, electric gloves, scrub, massage cream, hand mask, hand cream.


1. Wash and disinfect hands of manicurists and customers, and wipe them clean.

2. Apply an exfoliator in a circular motion between your hands and fingers to remove dead skin.

3. Clean and wipe your hands.

Massage process: massage milk - circular massage - stretching - pressing point - rotating wrist - whole stretch - relaxing fingers - wiping hands - done.

Follow-up care:

1. Apply hand mask.

2.Wrap plastic wrap.

3. Apply electric gloves for 10-15 minutes (spring and summer) and 15-20 minutes (autumn and winter).

4. Clean and wipe hands.

5. Apply hand cream and massage until absorbed.