Five nail shapes, which one do you like best?

- Aug 21, 2019-

1. Oval nail
Oval nails on both sides of the center are the most elegant form of nail.
For people with a wide face, oval fingertips can make nails look slim and long.

2.Square nails
With straight sides and sharp edges, you can also call them classic French nails
Square nails are great for longer, larger nails and can narrow the nails visually to make them look smaller than they really are.

3.Squoval nail
Combine the elegance of oval nails with the strength of French nails.
Circle nails are the ideal nail shape for most people.

4.Round nails
Rounded at the front, curved at the sides, and slender at the top.
For those who want short nails or short, chubby nails.

5.Pointed nails
Edgy, pointed nails work best with crystal nails or art nails, and are popular in central Europe and Asia.
Suitable for: long nails (also can be lengthened nails)
Note: if you are born with large or small nails, or if you have strong fingers, this is not the way to go.