Domestic cemented carbide cutters are gradually squeezing the market share of high-speed steel cutters

- Apr 30, 2019-

The common cutters in Chinese market include HSS cutters, cemented carbide cutters, cermet cutters and PCD/PCBN super hard cutters. Except for complex forming tools (blade root milling cutter, gear hob, broach, tap), HSS tools are mostly low-end tools with large quantity and low value.
With the rapid upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the continuous promotion of advanced cutting technology and cemented carbide tools, high-speed steel tools in the domestic market is shrinking, the current share has been less than 60%; Cermet maintains an edge in precision turning of steel and cast iron, with a market share of about 2%. Ceramic cutters are widely used in high-speed milling, especially in the field of aviation refractory materials, accounting for about 1% of the market share. The market share of superhard material PCD/PCBN is about 2%, mainly focusing on the processing of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.