Common problems and solutions of electric nail drill machine

- Jan 10, 2020-

1. please insert the DC plug of the handle wire before use, and then turn on the switch.


2. the handle will not rotate or start repeatedly after connecting to the power supply: is there any loose contact between the DC interface of the handle and the adapter of the power supply that causes the handle not to work properly (reconnect to the DC interface)?


3. nail bit installation difficulties or not for nail drill bit:

solution: 1. Check if the diameter of the grinding head insert part for 2.28 2.39 mm (grinding head diameter is not within the scope of this please change our company's standard grinding head) 2. The handle to control the rotation of the grinding head set did not open, not normal for grinding head (to open the handle rotating sleeve: to one side of the printed with "R" turn to loosen the grinding head; Turn to the side printed with "S" to form a clamping grinding head.


4. excessive mechanical noise during operation or significant difference between positive and negative noise: solution: this phenomenon is generally caused by the absence of return position of the rotating sleeve when loading and unloading the grinding head (return position of the rotating sleeve).


5. Excessive vibration of the grinding head during rotation:

solutions :1. Check whether the nail bit is deformed (please replace the grinding head if deformed); 2. The exposed length of the nail bit handle is too long (please adjust the exposed length of the grinding head handle appropriately.