Can you tell the different kinds of nail diamonds?

- Aug 20, 2019-

Blingbling diamonds are a huge favorite, but do you all know the categories of nail diamonds? Did you buy the right nail diamonds? Actually nail diamonds can be divided by color, shape, underside, section and material.
Hydraulic diamonds can be divided into: white diamonds, color diamonds, AB diamonds.

The shape can be divided into: ordinary (round diamonds), shaped diamonds.
Irregular diamonds can be divided into square, drop shape, elliptic, triangle, snowflake shape, love shape, diamond (horse eye stone), trapezoid diamonds, satellite stone, bottomless diamonds.

3.The Bottom
According to the bottom diamonds are divided into flat bottom diamonds and pointed bottom diamonds.

Classified by section, the general hydraulic diamond has eight section and hydraulic diamond back is plated with a layer of mercury skin. The spectrum is decomposed through the refraction of the section, so that it has a good brightness and luster, the more section, the better the brightness.

5.The Material
The hardest thing to tell is the texture. You have to look carefully.