Basic Skills of Nail Care

- Mar 28, 2019-

The appearance of the nail is a microcosm of a person’s health. If there is no unhealthy living habit and inappropriate nail trimming, fingernails are naturally beautiful. To keep nails beautiful, maintenance is very important. Today we recommend several methods for daily nail care.

1. Reduce touching various irritants, such as soap, organic solvents, etc. If you must touch irritants, wear protective gloves whenever possible.
2. Minimize direct contact with nails or use nails as tools. Use fingers instead of nails to reduce the nail injury.
3. If the small nail skin has shrunk or disappeared, soak it in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes every day. Gently dry it with a hot towel and then massage it from the end close to the body to the far end, so that the small nail skin can grow again. We can wipe cream to reduce split and desquamation.
4. Choose nail polish that does not contain formaldehyde or acetone, and replace it with products containing acetate. Use it no more than once a week, and nail polish should stay on your nails for no more than five days.
5. For injured or broken nails, apply commercially available nail cream every other day. Nail repair cream with fruit acid or phospholipid ingredients for the better.

For manicure maintenance, it is important to insist. To keep your nails and hands beautiful,  please quickly go into action.