Analysis of the details of the bullet nail drill bits and processing raw materials

- Jul 15, 2019-

Bullet nail drill bit adopts very good production technology, formula and high quality raw materials. The main products are resin grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, electroplating grinding wheel, sharpener fitting (special electroplating sharpening bar for grinding knife, grinding wheel, sand bar, grinding Film, etc.), beauty wheel grinding tools (with handle nail grinding head, electroplating nail grinding head, wool grinding head, nail sand disc, grinding face stone, beauty micro crystal grinding head, grinding stone, ABS beauty plastic sandblasting, etc. Beauty products), at the same time, our company can also carry out special-shaped non-standard grinding wheel customized processing according to customer needs, welcome your call.


Analysis of the details of the bullet-type nail polishing head


1. Bullet type nail polishing head led indicator: with power indicator and battery indicator.


2. Bullet type nail polishing head stepless speed regulation: 0 to 35000 rpm infinitely variable speed, according to the use of the environment to adjust the appropriate rotation speed to match the use.


3. Bullet type nail polishing head three-core socket: safe and reliable, easy to operate and more aesthetic.